B.C. 6-Year-Old Has Drive-By Joke Stand – GNSOTD Wed, Apr 29th 2020

Callaghan McLaughlin, of Saanich, British Columbia, is a pint-sized jokester who has been telling his family jokes for the last 6 months. Apparently he also used to love doing a yearly Lemonade Stand with his family. But his mother didn’t think that prudent this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

So a new way to get Callaghan involved in the community, and maybe share his humour with others, had to be invented. Somehow they came up with this idea and now the 6-year-old has set up a different kind of stand. A Walk-By/Drive-By Joke Stand.

Basically all people have to do is slow down a little as they pass his driveway and he’ll tell them a joke – free of charge. His favorite joke of the moment? “Where does a trout keep its money? … A river bank.”

His mother says he sets up at about 9:30 in the morning, spends about an hour. Comes back in, has lunch, goes out for another hour and a half, and then calls it a day. Of course he also plays in the yard when there is no one to tell a joke to.

You can read more about it in your Good News Story of the Day, here, but what might be the best is that this not only lifts the spirits of those who pass by in a time of great stress. But it gives his community one more reason to stick together and allows him to see people, like the friends he hasn’t seen in a while, or even his principal who has driven by for a laugh. It’s really quite clever.

Story and Image from Yahoo News.

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