Angry Tweet Study Says Stay Calm In Cool Weather

An interesting study by The Conversation that involved researchers from Macquarie University in Sydney has revealed that while hot weather may make people more aggressive, rising temperatures do not result in more angry online activity. In fact, angry tweets increased as the weather turned cooler.

The study involved 74.2 million English-language Twitter posts from 2015 to 2017 in New South Wales. And about 2.87 million tweets (or 3.87 per cent) contained words or phrases considered angry. On average, the number of angry tweets were highest when the temperature was below 15 degree Celsius (59 Fahrenheit), and lowest in warm temperatures (25-30 degree Celsius, 77F-86F).

This research also found that incidence of angry tweets is highest on Mondays. So keep your cool in the cool, and mind your manners on Mondays apparently.

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