Ancaster Teen’s Dairy Queen Videos Go Viral On TikTok

Grade 12 student Morgann Book wasn’t looking to become a viral sensation when she put her first ice cream creating video online. But the Ancaster, Ontario, teen has turned her family’s Dairy Queen into a TikTok star over the past year.

Her TikTok account, “@AncasterDQ,” started just previous to and then grew huge during the COVID-19 pandemic. She has garnered millions of views as she shows the behind-the-scenes process of making frozen treats. Currently it boasts 1.6 million followers and 51.7 million likes.

She made her first TikTok during a slow day last January. But her account skyrocketed over the summer when she started making more frequent videos, at one point she gained 1.2 million followers in four weeks. She shares her thoughts in the videos she posts and it shows she isn’t quite used to be internet famous yet.

She recently announced a short period where she will be posting less, about two weeks from this past weekend, but she did suggest she will be back. She just needs to focus on her education.

It turns out a lot of people like watching ice cream treats get made! And many have reached out to the store for their ice cream cakes, and requested that the making of it be turned into a video for TikTok.

Hopefully her break for education goes well and she figures out how to mix her online fame successfully with her normal life. In the meantime there are dozens of satisfying ice cream creation videos to watch on her page.


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