Americans Have Big Plans for Their Holiday Gifts: Returning Them

It is coming up on the Christmas season, and traditionally it is a season of gatherings, of giving, and of celebration. But even though many people will have not even begun to shop, it looks like a large group of people are not expecting to enjoy what they receive!


Now, to be fair, nearly everyone has, at one time or another, opened a gift that we hoped would contain one thing only to find something else that was “unsuitable.” Whether it was a sweater that didn’t fit, a piece of art you’d never hang on your wall, or some other unwanted object; it meant having to be polite and insincere to not hurt feelings while considering what to do with it.


This year will likely also bring a few more well-intentioned but wrong-for-you gifts. And if you’re resigned to that, you’re far from alone: Americans, by and large, have low expectations when it comes to the gifts they receive. Fully 77% of people surveyed said they plan to return a portion of their gifts, and nearly 20% expect to return more than half of the gifts they get, according to a new survey from Oracle.


While returns have been a fact of life after Christmas for decades, those large numbers might be a little shocking, and it is worth taking a moment to consider if there isn’t something better you could do with those often love filled gifts. Why stand in line at the return section of a store when someone in need could use it? Perhaps it isn’t right for you, but it may be for someone who couldn’t afford it at normal prices. While re-gifting, and returning to stores, will always be staples of the holidays. Don’t forget donation is also an option.

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