Amazing Donations Will Directly Aid Healthcare Workers In Santa Cruz, California – GNSOTD Tue, May 5th 2020

One anonymous donor in California found a great way to thank local hospital staffers for their hard work amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz who recently received a great gift from someone who could give it. A donation for $1 million which is meant to be dispersed as bonus checks for hospital employees; a spokesperson for the hospital confirmed it would be.

The generous gift came with a note expressing gratitude for all of the sacrifices and dedication the employees have made over the last two months. “Thank you for standing up (and staying up!) to care for our community,” the note read. “This human-kindness is what makes you heroic. Please accept this donation in recognition of and with great thanks for all that you do. And please know that my heart is with you as we seek to protect and care for each other during this challenging time.”

This is going to let the full time and part time employees of the hospital who have been there for more than year have a nice little bonus in the next 30 days. Something they could probably use in order to ease a small part of the enormous stress they are dealing with.

The US has been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 Coronavirus and the healthcare workers there have been particularly hard worked, and while there have been numerous gestures of support, it is nice to hear that they are getting a little extra appreciation.

It’s your Good News Story of the Day and you can find more about it here. But if you are wondering; doctors not on hospital payroll will not be receiving a bonus; but nurses and other staff should get anywhere from $600 to $800 from this gift.

Story and Image from People.

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