A Plane Flying From Germany To Italy Made A Basic Mistake – They Didn’t See If The Airport Was Open.

If you’ve ever gone somewhere and found it was closed and felt a little foolish for making that mistake; you can probably let that feeling go now – because this story is WAY worse. A plane carried passengers from Germany to Italy before turning around midair because its intended airport is closed until next month.

A spokesperson for German airline Eurowings confirmed the Saturday mix-up, which played out over four hours. Flight EW9844 set off from Düsseldorf, intending to make the 730-mile trip to Sardinia’s Olbia Airport. It wasn’t until the plane began its approach that air traffic control informed pilots that the airport was closed to commercial traffic, per AFP. Pilots were given the option to land 120 miles away in Cagliari, on the southern tip of Sardinia, but instead returned to Düsseldorf.

Olbia Airport had been reopened May 17, but the decision was reversed that same day. All Italian airports, with the exception of some in Rome and Florence, are to remain closed until at least June 3, reports AFP.

A Eurowings spokesperson acknowledged “a misunderstanding,” noting the situation at some European airports is “very dynamic,” with information on operating hours and closures “often changed at short notice.”

Fortunately there were only two passengers on board. After experiencing “this little sightseeing tour of western Europe,” they were rebooked on another flight.

Source: CNN.

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