A Doll Like Me – GNSOTD Thursday Jan 17

There is a woman in New Berlin, Wisconsin who has an understanding of how important acceptance of ones self-image is. Seeing yourself represented in the world, even in small ways, can be a huge boost to a persons confidence. This is something that became clear to Amy Jandrisevits years ago, when she worked as a social worker involved in play therapy in a pediatric oncology center, where she found dolls could provide a different kind of therapy for girls needing an emotional boost. “My little girl is blond hair and blue eyes, so we could at any given moment walk into any toy store and she’d see herself everywhere (in the dolls displayed there),” she said. “But for so many kids — and at that time I was working with kids who had cancer — you would never go into a store and say ‘You know, that looks like me.'”


That is why she came up with “A Doll Like Me” where she custom crafts dolls for children who cannot find their own self-representation in the world, whether it is a child with cancer, a child who has had to have a limb amputated, or one who only has two fingers and a large birth mark on one arm. And while she does not want to be a business owner there are those who are encouraging her to persue it, for now however, she continues to focus her energy on the charitable efforts utilizing such resources as GoFundMe to raise funds for the dolls and awareness. Thanks to the site she has been able to craft over 300 dolls for children around the world, from her home town to as far away as Egypt and South Africa. To date her GoFundMe page has raised over $23,000. She was even named a “Hero” by the site in December for her work.


While, ideally, looks shouldn’t matter the truth is they do even to young children who see kids of all kinds depicted in toys, in books, and on the big and smaller screens. Seeing themselves counted among those means they know they can be like everyone else. And accepting yourself and others is the first step to loving them. And loving ourselves and each other is true to Christ. Read more on your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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