90 Year Old Great-Grandfather Graduating From University – GNSOTD Thursday May 2nd 2019

It is something he has wanted to do for more than 70 years, that’s what brought Bob Dwyer back to the classroom, he is looking forward to finally achieving his goal of a college degree. Bob Dwyer is a 90 year-old retiree who lives in an independent living facility, not a college dorm, he isn’t investing in some future career, he is looking to relax, he didn’t do it because he had to, he did it because he wanted to. When he graduates May 6, he will be the oldest student to receive his first bachelor’s degree since the school began keeping such records in 1962, said university spokesman Mike Hines. And he will have earned his degree in interdisciplinary studies at Northeastern Illinois University.


He was lucky in love, married for 56 years to his wife, Peggy, until her death in 2010. He had a lucrative career in manufacturing, which allowed him to provide for the couple’s nine children. They’re grown now with families of their own, giving Dwyer a fulfilling role as family patriarch. He has volunteered, traveled the globe extensively and served in the Army. “I have no regrets,” he said. “Basically, education is always a plus and we can never have too much of it.”


What better lesson for learning could you wish? A man lived a successful life and still looks to improve himself at 90. Good for you, Bob, and well done. Read more about Bob Dwyer and his incredible life journey in your Good News Story of the Day here. His trip through military life, his first stab at college, his once desire to be a teacher, how he went to work and met the love of his life, and everything else that happened to bring him to this place where he has finished his final exam and will finally have that degree.


Story and Image from The Chicago Tribune.

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