9-Year-Old Helping Healthcare Workers With 3D Printer – GNSOTD Mon, May 4th 2020

When it comes to surprising stories that inspire others you need to know about a 9-year-old California boy, a student at Holy Rosary Catholic School in Antioch, between San Fransisco and Sacramento. He is what you might call a bit of a 3D printer fan.

Jayden Fadrigon has been using a 3D printer for 4 years, ever since he was 5. He has been learning how to print and design items, and, now he is putting those skills to a good use by 3D printing face shields for medical front line workers!

Jayden and his father came up with the idea to make face shields to protect their family members who are working on the front lines of the coronavirus. “I want to protect them from getting it (the coronavirus) so they can take care of the patients,” said Jayden.

Apparently Jayden’s daily schedule goes like this; he wakes up and gets the prints started, then gets to work on his schoolwork while they finish printing, each shield taking about one and a half hours to print. So far he has made 100 3D printed face shields and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. “Actually, this has never stopped since April 2. It (3D printer) is always on,” said Darren Fadrigon, Jayden’s father. “It only stops at night when we’re sleeping,” he said.

“He has always been very helpful. He always wants to help out in any way that he can,” Fadrigon said. “Plus, he’s a techie-computer person. He’s a very creative person,” he said. But he isn’t only hoping his prints help, he hopes that he can inspire others. “I hope that I can inspire other kids that have 3D printers to make more faces shields for our community,” Jayden said.

You can read all about this creative and helpful young man in your Good News Story of the Day here. And if you are interested in 3D printing your own face shields then you might find this link helpful.

However, before you get started printing them off, you might want to investigate who you could get them to who would be able to use them. Not everyone is accepting home made donations of PPE. So check before you spend the time and money.

Story and Image from ABC7 News.

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