8-Year-Old Settles Schools Debt With Key Chains – GNSOTD Wed, Feb 5th 2020

It all started because Keoni Ching from Vancouver, Washington, wanted to do something special for “Kindness Week” at his school, Benjamin Franklin Elementary. With his mother, April, and father, Barry, by his side, Keoni thought about projects that would truly reflect kindness.

Keoni took his inspiration from San Francisco 49ers player Richard Sherman who donated thousands to pay student lunch debt. Keoni was unlikely to match Sherman’s $27,000 donation, but he had an idea for how to raise money. “I love key chains. They look good on my backpack.” And so he would make and sell them.

At $5 each it would be easy to assume not much would be raised, but word of Keoni’s key chains and his heartwarming cause got out, people from all over the country started sending in their requests for one of the custom key chains. They have apparently sent key chains all over the USA including Alaska!

Ultimately Keoni amazed many by raising $4,015 to erase the lunch debt of students from his school and six others. That is an incredible act of kindness and your Good News Story of the Day! Find more here about this viral tale.

School lunch debt in the US has been a growing concern for many, and become quite a social and political issue across various states; but Keoni doesn’t know about any of that. He only knows that helping others is important because “it just makes the world a better place,” he said.

He’s right.

Story and Image from People.

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