7-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Inspires In Manhattan Children’s Hospital – GNSOTD Tues, Dec. 1st 2020

A young cancer survivor is on a mission to inspire others and pay it forward made a stop at a children’s hospital recently. A special delivery by a very special someone: cancer survivor, and author, 7-year-old Aryn Diggs.

Aryn said she feels a little weird about telling people how awesome she is. “Sometimes, when I tell people, I feel like they get too excited,” she said. Aryn endured surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy after she was diagnosed at just 2 years old.

That’s when her mom Marissa Jacobs began to work with Aryn on a story, “We wrote this story together about a journey to find the true beauty that lives inside you,” said Marissa. “If you make a book about what you went through, people will support you and be inspired,” Aryn said.

Now she’s found a different way to inspire. She takes a trip to the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in Washington Heights, in Manhattan. Aryn and her mom are there to deliver Socks With Stories. That’s Fifty pairs of comfy, well designed, socks being delivered to children fighting cancer.

The thing is they were designed by other children, who were once battling cancer. “To know that the designs on the socks are created by children who are going through life battling illnesses is everything,” said Jacobs.

They are always delivered by childhood cancer survivors, as a way to let those who are still in the depths of the fight that there is hope on the other side.

The company behind it all, Resilience Gives, an apparel company that believes in the power of community and creativity to empower families impacted by disease. They say for each pair of socks purchased, a pair is donated.

Founder Jake Teitelbaum said it is a product of personal experience. He was diagnosed with cancer in college and says he spent too much time in the hospital. “It always stuck out that you get your gown and these really drab hospital socks,” Teitelbaum said.

He didn’t like the socks the hospital supplied him with, so he came up with the idea. And it, along with brave youngsters like Aryn, has become your Good News Story of the Day. Read it in full and watch the video here. But having survivors like Aryn deliver them gives the families more than a pair of socks. “I hope that someone looks at me and looks at my family and says, ‘We can do this too,’” said Jacobs.

Aryn said, “Be confident. Don’t be scared.”

Story and Image from CBS News.

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