4 Day Work Weeks Could Be Better For Everyone Study Shows

We are in the midst of a short week for most after the Labour Day long weekend, and it seems a four-day working week could save some UK businesses nearly $170,000,000,000.00 CAN a year, according to new research. These savings would be gained through increased productivity and improved physical and mental wellbeing.


A survey of more than 250 companies indicated that adopting a shorter working week could increased overall quality of life for employees, with more than three quarters (78%) of businesses saying staff were happier, less stressed and took fewer sick days. And nearly two-thirds (64%) of employers reported an increase in productivity, as well as an improvement in the quality of work being produced after implementing flexible working policies, including the option of a four-day work week. 


Furthermore, the study conducted by Henley Business School, suggested it could also lead to a cleaner environmental footprint. According to the study, with employees driving less per week, with fewer trips into work, it would lead to lower transport emissions.


Demands for flexibility and work/life balance are also increasing, so employers who want to attract and retain the best staff will need to take a flexible approach as part of their employee retention plans.


Source: peoplemanagement.co.uk


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