World Pancreatic Cancer Day And Alex Trebek November 21st 2019

Today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day, a day to raise awareness for a disease that afflicts many around the world, and that means it is all about sharing information. With that in mind, there was a moment on Jeopardy last week which had many choking up; including host Alex Trebek. During Final Jeopardy contestant  Dr. Dhruv Gaur replaced his answer with an emotional message to the longtime host who had recently announced he was reentering treatment for pancreatic cancer earlier in the taping of the show.



The contestant took to his own social media before the show to explain his reasoning for the message instead of seeing how far he could take his 3rd place position. Since then he has also mad it into the public on shows like Ellen, explaining that instead of the answer to the question the only thing he had on his mind was the host and his well-being, and he decided to take the opportunity to share his feelings in a very public way.


With World Pancreatic Cancer Day Today, and November being Pancreatic Cancer month, it seems like a good time to raise some awareness. If you would like to know more about World Pancreatic Cancer Day please visit If you want more information on this disease and ways to help in Canada, as well as to see a message from Trebek himself, visit


Image from jim.greenhill on Flickr

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