20 Most Injury Prone Names

If you have the name Kyle, Blake, Brian, or Hailey, Taylor, or Linda; you might be rather accident prone!

That’s according to the lawsuit loan-funding service Uplift Legal Funding, who reviewed cases that involved the claimant encountering an incident causing personal injuries, such as slips, trips, and falls in the workplace and at home.

They actually released the top 10 names for men and women, and those six were the most frequent.

But more than just the names they also determined that women are 37% more likely to suffer an injury by falling over as opposed to men, and Men are 23% more likely to have an accident in the home than anywhere else.

Here are the top 10 male names:

  1. Kyle
  2. Blake
  3. Brian
  4. Ryan
  5. Daniel
  6. Mark
  7. Bob
  8. Samuel
  9. William
  10. James

Here are the Top 10 female names:

  1. Hailey
  2. Taylor
  3. Linda
  4. Barbara
  5. Kimberley
  6. Mary
  7. Angela
  8. Deborah
  9. Gabrielle
  10. Louise

Source: https://bit.ly/375x3Nf

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