Power Outage Brantford June 19th 2019

All power has been restored in the City following an outage late Wednesday afternoon, which affected about 10,000 customers in the north end of Brantford, that lasted for several hours. Brantford Power says an issue with the flow of electricity from Hydro One to one of their transformer stations caused a loss of power beginning around 4:25 p.m. and covered a wide swath of the city, from the area south of Power Line Road and along Paris Road, including Brantwood Park, Brier Park, Terrace Hill, Wyndham Hills, Henderson, Sky Acres, Holmedale and Dufferin Park.


During the Outage communication was spotty and information hard to come by. The City of Brantford did manage to inform residents following their Twitter feed within 10 minutes that they were aware of the outage; though they had nothing more to add more than 3 hours later as power began to be restored.



There was also issues trying to contact Brantford Power about any information as they were working on their phone lines, apparently callers were being disconnected, they also managed to put out a few updates as well as an apology for the phone issues on their Twitter.



The cause of the power outage remains unknown, or at least unannounced, though part of the delay of the restoration of power was that power utility crews had to investigate to ensure that power could be safely restored.

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